Everyone pulling in the same direction.

Sales and marketing are only a portion of your organization, to truly expand your business every department needs to be aligned. An organization with full departmental alignment will be better able to strategically address your customer’s pain points and needs with more agility and from more angles than ever before. It’s the age-old question, “who’s in sales?”, everyone is! This means everyone needs to know how they contribute to the sales process, now more than ever. Just to be clear, the sales process involves bringing on new customers as well as empowering support departments to sell, i.e. grow and retain existing customers.

Organizations that can align all of their departments together to focus can answer complex questions quickly and answer dynamic problems as a team. After all, every department is deeply involved with your customer.

There are four general outcomes that are created through aligning all of your departments:


New customer acquisition




Existing customer growth


Customer Satisfaction

These four-outcomes do one thing, create sustained revenue growth. If you are familiar with sales and marketing alignment, you know it creates a system of back and forth that creates smarter content going out into the world, and more informed outreach to identified leads. If you expand this, you are creating an opportunity to gain more ideal customers, and retain and grow your existing customers.