High Productivity Teams

The complexity and cross-functionality of contemporary business make teaming a fact of life.  Unfortunately, high-performance teaming or even basic team effectiveness does not happen simply because a group of individuals is assembled under a common charter.

Whether your need involves the company’s most senior management group, task or project teams, we can help.  Since our founding, we have helped to charter, facilitate and guide the implementation efforts of across a wide array of industries and for a wide variety of companies.

Senior executive teams and boards of directors face special challenges to effective team performance.  Issues of governance, strategy, and succession play out amidst the interaction of powerful individuals with a complex mix of styles, relationships, and strong personalities.

We can help identify needs with confidential executive/board team assessments, style/”fit” assessments and new manager assimilation processes.

More comprehensively, our strategic planning process offers the best approach for building clarity and consensus on enterprise direction and strategy in this high-powered and vital circle of corporate governance.