The RIGHT person in the RIGHT position.

Organizations excel when all elements—strategy, leadership, culture, people, work processes, and systems—are deliberately configured to generate your desired results. When any one of these elements is out of sync, it may not be obvious, but you’ll know it by bad results.

Many organizations naively try to fix their problems by shuffling the boxes on the org chart. But, such a simplistic approach fails to identify and address critical underlying organizational issues. So if, for example, your business hasn’t clearly declared a strategic direction or if your executive team isn’t on the same page about where your business is going, then any attempt to build out capabilities, set priorities, allocate resources, or define processes won’t succeed, at least not for very long.

At Prescience, we start with a thorough diagnostic to identify your strengths, the issues your organization faces and their root causes. Then, we engage and actively involve your team in systemically solving problems. We believe that within your organization is the intelligence and experience required to redesign and optimally configure your business. So, in combination with our expertise, methods, and tools we will give you the confidence and the push you need to make the hard trade-off decisions that will drive your organization to adapt and thrive over time.

Longer-term, you will benefit by our holistic approach to transformation because we teach your people how to think about your organization critically and holistically. We transfer our knowledge and equip you with new perspective and skills to address both the immediate issues your organization faces, and solve emerging challenges as the market.