Accelerating Personnel Development

All too often, companies take their leaders or emerging leaders out of the work environment and train them in a classroom. Even though leaders may pick up new ideas this way, those ideas get lost in translation when leaders come back to work. They can’t apply what they’ve learned in their real environment. And the value of the training goes unrealized.

Whether your current leaders aren’t getting the job done because they lack sufficient capability, or you need stronger leadership to launch a new strategy or keep pace with growth, or you one thing is constant: You need leaders who can be effective among the specific challenges, processes, cultural attributes, and other parameters of your organization. So that’s how and where we develop them. We immerse our leadership development approach in the context of your business. Instead of taking leaders away from the work to learn and grow, we use real work on real issues to build leadership capabilities by having leaders work on the future of your organization.

From there, we dive deep within each individual leader’s psyche to understand how he or she is wired and what makes him or her tick as a leader. This gives us perspective to address and solve individual leadership issues and bad behaviors like indecisiveness or an abusive leadership style.

Finally, we round out the approach by anchoring leadership development to the people who are invested in that leader’s development. Leaders must lead in relationships between bosses, peers, and direct reports to succeed. So we include them in the leader’s transformational journey.

Our within, between, and among approach builds leaders who can deliver the real results your organization is after. Because we develop them to do so in the context of your business, working with their actual colleagues. Your leaders are more confident and your workforce is more engaged, fueling better organizational performance across the board.