Be Brave

Branding Connects You With The Customers You Need To Succeed.

Prescience ensures your brand is top of mind when potential customers are looking for your products or services.  Make every impression count with flawless execution of social marketing, media relations, directory listings, display ad campaigns along with a website that expresses consistent messaging.

We have the expertise and knowledge to help your organization tie all communications efforts together, leading to cohesive messaging while maximizing your presence across all channels and mediums.

We believe in a seamless client experience. Whether a client engages us for a very specific need or leverages the power of all our specialties, our model is designed to increase efficiency, consistency and continuity.

Attract and entice customers with compelling consistency. How do people recognize your business? Brand identity. How do people understand your offerings? Language and tone. How do people see your company on the internet? Your websiteand owned media. How do people engage with your brand? Establishing a brand identity is one of the first steps a company should take. It goes beyond the colors and typography you choose, into the overall presentation of your company. It’s the image, the attraction and the compelling force that will entice potential buyers to become loyal customers. Your brand identity needs to run consistently through all aspects of your marketing.

Communicating effectively with different audiences requires experience and a nuanced understanding of what resonates and works. We excel at helping companies communicate big visions—whether it’s distilling a complex process or developing sticky sound-bite messaging, we are good at digging in and helping companies communicate effectively to the audiences that matter most.

While the media landscape has evolved greatly, many of the best practices remain the same: great media relationships plus striking at the right moment delivers amazing coverage.

Today, we touch virtually every area of business communications. Companies turn to us to help them to develop everything from sales collateral and email blasts to internal communications programs and corporate giving strategies. 

Prescience has a dedicated team of specialists who are 100% focused on creating and overseeing social media programs—from strategy development to ongoing management—for both B2C and B2B companies.

In our opinion, effective social media strategies involve much more than creating content or managing a social network. We go beyond simple posts that generate conversations. Our real value is in creating strategies focused on a specific need, including recruiting, business development, internal communications, employee advocacy, customer service and crisis communications. We have coached and counseled companies through some of the most exciting social media moments in their history, and helped them navigate some of the toughest moments.

Our ultimate goal is to help businesses deliver helpful and valuable information that builds credibility, awareness and trust.