More than a Journey

Customer Experience is so much more than just the Sales Journey.

Do you have a firm-wide focus on the customer experience or are you still managing to the sales funnel? Today’s strong companies are evolving their existing sales funnel/waterfall lead management models and the associated reporting. Those models are “seller centric” NOT “customer centric.” 

The customer experience starts with acknowledging where your customer is in their buying journey at all times, especially after they have become a customer. By improving your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) to track where customers are in their journey you can adapt how you engage them with sales, marketing and support. You can start to give your customers a better experience across all your functions. The old model frequently referred to as a funnel or waterfall starting with acquisition and ending with a win or loss. The replacement recognizes the full extent of customer engagement your business and how customers may grow their lifetime spend with you, It is generally represented circular and also acknowledges that individual buyers can be simultaneously in different stages, in different customer journey maps each tied to a unique set of products or services.

This customer-centric model offers:

  • One view of the customer on their journey that is common to the entire organization.
  • Multiple functions in an organization engaging with customers as One, leveraging a complementary set of messages.
  • A path towards automated one-to-one marketing wherein messages and offers can be precisely tailored based on location in the customer journey map for a given product.

If your previous lead management process dead-ended with closed won or lost, then you will need to engage with departments other than sales/marketing to plan out expansion during the customer engagement stages (onboarding, adoption, value realization, product loyalty and advocacy). Given the amount of revenue that comes from repeat customers, this is likely to be a very worthy, and welcomed, investment of resources.

Expand your funnel/waterfall reporting and conversion rates to a new Customer Journey Map. This will provide tremendous insight to marketing and sales about how they are doing in growing sales from current customers in addition to new customer acquisition.