IT Service Management

With today’s technology changing – sometimes faster than the speed of business – it becomes much more difficult to gauge how effectively your organization’s technology is supporting and enhancing your key business needs and organizational strategies. We focus on the long-term strategic needs of your organization and the relationship between Information Technology and the business. With our extensive technical and business experience, we offer practical and balanced IT Service Management guidance that fosters innovation and drives improvements while maintaining alignment with the needs of your business.  This results in improved organizational efficiency and greater return on investment.

Whether for tactical project execution or at the strategic level, we develop holistic solutions that clearly identify needs and opportunities while creating a realistic plan that delivers practical, actionable steps for your people, processes, and technologies

We specialize in helping companies integrate their business strategy with IT planning and tools. We help your organization optimize IT investments for increased ROI, align technology needs with business opportunities to improve effectiveness, better leverage technology innovation for strong competitive differentiation, and utilize technology to position your organization for future business plans.

Implementation of software carries with it a substantial risk for most organizations. Having assisted many companies in the replacement of key software from finance and human resources to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, we help you navigate the selection and implementation challenges to minimize risk and costs.

From the beginning of scope development and requirements gathering all the way through selection, we work with you to ensure you select a software solution that ultimately meets your needs – both today and in the future.

Through the capture of current and future requirements and business processes, we develop a detailed and clearly communicated Request for Proposal (RFP). We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the vendor’s response and software demonstrations to enable a strong business decision. Once you select a vendor, we then assist you in review and execution of a tight contract.

We use a number of techniques and methods to ensure your technical teams understand the needs of the business and vice versa. Through requirements gathering and management services, we provide you with defined business architecture. Having both business and IT backgrounds, we broker the dialogue between business lines and your technical teams, which is where most requirements gaps and issues develop.